Tools We Use at Ombu Labs

At Ombu Labs, we have a number of tools that help us to keep organized, write better code and communicate more effectively with our clients.

Daily Work

  • We use Slack to chat with Ombu Labs team members while working. We also like to use it to chat with clients and their teams, we prefer this over email.
  • We use Trello to manage the status of our sales pipeline and client projects.
  • We use Freckle to track our time. -We use Pecas as an add-on to Freckle.


  • We use Atom, Sublime Text, Vim and a number of other editors to write code. Since there are so many good options, we encourage team members to use whichever editor they are most comfortable using.
  • We use GitHub to backup and version control our code and for code reviews.
  • We use Pivotal Tracker to manage our client and internal projects.
  • We use Circle CI for continuous integration.
  • We use CodeClimate to monitor code quality.

Social & marketing

Client support

  • We use Mixpanel to keep track of our funnels
  • We use Highrise to keep track of email client support.
  • We use Intercom and to communicate with our clients.
  • We use MailChimp to manage our email campaigns.