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Design Sprint Day 4: Prototype

This is part of our series on design sprints. If you haven’t read our previous articles, I encourage you to read more about our design sprint process.

Day 4 is a little different from the other days of the Design Sprint. Instead of a series of workshops, we will spend most of the day each working on one part of the prototype.

Towards the end of the day, we will do a test run to check on our progress and adjust from there.

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Design Sprint Day 1

Let’s deep-dive into what happens on the first day of a Design Sprint. On Mondays, we understand the problem.

I want to give credit to the creators of the Design Sprint method, Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, and Braden Kowitz from Google Ventures who developed this Design Thinking method in the mid 2010s. Their process is the starting point from which all variations of Design Sprints come from, and I work with their framework to create Design Sprints that are customized to suit client needs.

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