We design and develop
products for the web.

We are an agile team of designers and developers who write
lean software to grow your business

What we offer

  • Quality

    We love pair programming, peer reviews, test-driven development, working and contributing to open source, and applying design patterns.

  • Productivity

    We release early and often so that you can see progress every week. We are all about rapid prototyping and rapid development.

  • Testing

    With our test-driven development process, our code is not complete without thorough integration, functional and unit tests.

  • Lean Product Consulting

    We will find your riskiest hypotheses and help you define your product's business model. We will build experiments to help you grow faster.

  • A Reliable Team

    We provide software development services to scale your team. Increase your software development speed without sacrificing quality.

  • Product Design

    We will design and implement your Minimum Viable Product. Our goal is to take your vision and build an elegant solution to your problem.

Our Clients

  • It is a rarity to find transparency, thoughtfulness and a superb quality + value equation in an outsourced digital tech team. Ombu Labs was able to bring my vision to life on-line seamlessly, despite the usual start-up constraints of small budgets + short lead-times and high output expectations. Ombu continues, months post-delivery, to stand-behind their product and over-perform from a client services POV— a fact which makes them our digital agency of record.

  • When we interviewed Ernesto for a short term contract project I told him that as the most expensive applicant he would be expected to produce the highest quality of work. Over a year later he and Mauro are an integral part of our team. In addition to producing high quality code they also suggest improvements to our development processes and mentor our new engineers. I would definitely recommend Ombu Labs to a friend in need.

  • I was hesitant to hire a team of developers - I had always assumed that bringing on a full-time team member would make the most sense financially. Would an outside team ever care as much about my business as I do? But my experience working with Ernesto, Cecilia and the whole OmbuLabs team exceeded my expectations. They were able to take my vision and articulate it perfectly, focusing on delivering work that would actually move the needle on my business. Conversions are up, my advertising costs are down, and there's a super short turnaround time whenever I need something new from the Ombu team.

Our Products

We love building things that have never been built before.
Here are some of the products that we have built.

Our Lean Startup Process

  • Lean

    We believe successful products are built by rigorously applying the Lean Startup methodology.
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  • Agile

    We love our test-driven process, daily scrums, pair programming, continuous integration and two-weeks sprints

  • UX

    We believe that the best user experience is based on actionable metrics and user interaction, not just beautiful designs.

We like working with these technologies

Open Source

As part of the community, we use high quality, secure and stable open source projects. We love to contribute to open source projects which make our lives easier.

We like to open source part of our own code,
to give back to the community.

Our Design

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Check out some of the work we have shared in Dribbble.

    Our Team

    • Ernesto Tagwerker

      Founder & Senior Software Engineer
      Ernesto Tagwerker Ernesto Tagwerker

      Software engineer and open source hacker. He is a Lean Practitioner and entrepreneur with more than 8 years experience working in the software industry.

    • Mauro Otonelli

      Senior Software Engineer
      Mauro Otonelli Mauro Otonelli

      Software engineer and Ruby on Rails hacker. He has experience in Unix enviroments and .Net apps. Ocassionaly dabbles in front-end design.

    • Ignacio Bertotti

      Ignacio Bertotti Ignacio Bertotti

      Expert in customer support. He turns our clients into fans and helps them in every way possible. Got a question? He's got the answer.

    • Luciano Becerra

      Senior Software Engineer
      Luciano Becerra Luciano Becerra

      Passionate about programming, entrepreneurship, startups, and all things related to technology.

    • Emily Cohen

      Account Manager & Jr. Software Engineer
      Emily Cohen Emily Cohen

      She keeps OmbuLabs projects organized and on-time, and is training as a Software Engineer.

    • Cleiviane Costa

      Software Engineer
      Cleiviane Costa Cleiviane Costa

      A Brazilian Software Engineer passionate about code and technology. Rubik's Cube Fan, LoL player and coffee lover.