Need an Agile team to take control of your technical debt?

Let our experts tackle your maintenance projects.

Stop technical debt from delaying your projects

Technical debt is usually seen as a minor inconvenience. Sure, a monkey patch isn’t ideal, but it will get the job done and it’s the best a team can do under intense time pressures.

But you then start seeing the impact. Clunky code causes the app to slow down, while projects overrun due to excessive bugs and having to interface with ancient frameworks.

Eventually, it becomes clear you need to address your tech debt.

Clearing technical debt requires both time and specialist skills. You could dedicate some of your developers to untangling code, or you could hire OmbuLabs.

We’ve worked on everything from old Rails 2.3 software to legacy React.js apps running with no test coverage and broken dependencies.

We can give your codebase a refresh and help you keep it healthy, with tasks such as:

  • Debt audit

    Know where your hotspots are, the solutions required to fix them and an estimate of how long it will take to correct.

  • Clearing existing debt

    We can tackle tasks such as test suite expansions, framework updates, code refactoring, improving readability and writing documentation.

  • Performance optimization

    If your app is running slower and slower we will find the bottlenecks and make enhancements to get it running smoothly.

  • Process improvement

    It’s tempting to “just ship it”, but we’ll teach you processes such as staging environments, exception tracking and code reviews that speed teams up in the long run.

  • Cultural changes

    We can teach everyone from managers to junior devs about the importance of technical debt and how to best stop it building up when shipping new features.

Why Choose OmbuLabs?

We are a boutique development agency, running since 2011. Since then we have worked on everything from niche tools to Fortune 500s.

Our size means your project will receive a pair of dedicated developers, not a mystery team of people switching in and out. We aim to be an extension of your company, getting up and running ASAP.

And of course, we only want to ship quality code. That’s why every line we write goes through a rigorous QA process of automated tests, code reviews and testing on staging before it goes into production.

Trusted industry experts

Our team is made up of industry leaders. We have spoken at conferences, meetups and podcasts including:

RailsConf 2019
RubyConf 2019
RubyKaigi Takeout 2020
RubyConf AU
Ruby Summit Brasil
RubyConf Argentina
Rails Girls
The Developers Conference
Remote Ruby Podcast
Ruby on Rails Podcast
Legacy Code Rocks Podcast
Maintainable Podcast
We like working with these technologies
Our Team

We are proud of the standards we hold for ourselves. We only pick top developers from around the world with a 4-round application, chosen for both their technical and communication skills.

Our development team is a diverse group, reflecting our core value of Talent is Everywhere

  • Ernesto Tagwerker

    Founder & Senior Software Engineer
    United States | He/His

    Passionate about Agile/Lean methodologies. OSS Maintainer and Contributor. When he is not working on minimum viable products, he is spending quality time with his family.

  • Ignacio Bertotti

    Argentina | He/His

    Expert in customer support. He turns our clients into fans and helps them in every way possible. Got a question? He's got the answer.

  • Luciano Becerra

    Senior Software Engineer
    Argentina | He/His

    Passionate about programming, entrepreneurship, startups, and all things related to technology.

  • Cleiviane Costa

    Senior Software Engineer
    Brazil | She/Her

    A software engineer passionate about code, entrepreneurship and technology. She likes to think outside the box and propose new ideas for the team.

  • Luis Sagastume

    Senior Software Engineer
    Guatemala | He/His

    Software Engineer based in Guatemala city. Passionate about open source, learning new technologies and building cool stuff. People have called him "Doc" since fourth grade.

  • Amanda Bizzinotto

    Senior Project Manager

    Experienced Agile / Scrum practitioner, she keeps OmbuLabs' projects moving and makes sure they cross the finish line.

  • Fiona Lapham

    Software Engineer
    United States | She/Her

    A developer from Philadelphia who is growing with the company. She loves that coding is solving puzzles and always learning new things.

  • Ariel Juodziukynas

    Senior Software Engineer
    Argentina | He/His

    Ruby On Rails dev from Buenos Aires. Passionate about programming, open source, games and music. Tolkien fan. Spends a lot of time spelling his last name.

  • Francois Buys

    Senior Software Engineer
    South Africa | He/His

    He strives to uplift and is passionate about the impact he has as a full stack developer. He's a maker by heart and loves creating and exploring ideas and things.

  • Gelsey Torres

    Software Engineer
    United States | She/Her

    Former front-end developer excited to step into a full-stack role. She has wanted to be a programmer since she was a teenager.

  • Mateus Pereira

    Senior Software Engineer
    Brazil | He/Him

    Graduated in Physics only to discover that he loved more to work with computers and software development. Has been programming ever since.

  • Kudakwashe Siziva

    Senior Software Engineer
    South Africa | He/His

    A full stack developer based in South Africa. Has a keen interest in agri-tech, startups, and teaching code.

  • Lewis D'Avanzo

    Junior Software Engineer
    United States | He/Him

    Musician turned JavaScript developer from New Jersey. Likes to focus on accessibility. He also enjoys coffee, video games, and soccer.

Giving back to the wider community

We feel it is vital to support the wider software community. All of our team are allocated work hours to spend on open source projects or sharing our knowledge through writing blog posts.

Our code is used by millions of people through our open source tools such as:

  • Bundler Leak

    The best tool to find leaky gems in dependencies. RubyMem

    View Project
  • RubyMem

    A leaky gems advisory database created and maintained by the Ruby community. RubyMem

    View Project
  • Dash

    A dashboard that pulls tasks from Github and Pivotal Tracker. Dash

    View Project
  • Blogcop

    A GitHub bot that helps manage outdated articles on a Jekyll blog.

    View Project
  • Skunk

    SkunkScore calculator. A simple tool to calculate tech debt in Ruby applications.

    View Project
  • Harvesting

    A Ruby gem to interact with the Harvest API v2.0 and forward.

    View Project
  • Points

    A Rails application to collaboratively estimate stories.

    View Project
  • Rails Upgrader

    This gem helps you automate the migration to strong parameters.

    View Project
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