Our Team

We are proud of the standards we hold for ourselves. We work with top talent from around the world because we believe that talent is everywhere (it’s one of our core values). Our team members are both technically excellent and great communicators.

Open Positions

Ernesto Tagwerker

Founder & Senior Software Engineer

United States, He/Him

Passionate about Agile/Lean methodologies. OSS Maintainer and Contributor. When he is not working on minimum viable products, he is spending quality time with his family.

Amanda Bizzinotto

Director of Operations


Experienced Agile / Scrum practitioner, she keeps OmbuLabs' projects moving and makes sure they cross the finish line.

Fiona Lapham

Software Engineer

United States, She/Her

A developer from Philadelphia who is growing with the company. She loves that coding is solving puzzles and always learning new things.

Ariel Juodziukynas

Staff Software Engineer

Argentina, He/Him

Ruby On Rails dev from Buenos Aires. Passionate about programming, open source, games and music. Tolkien fan. Spends a lot of time spelling his last name.

Francois Buys

Senior Software Engineer

South Africa, He/Him

A full-stack problem solver based in Cape Town, South Africa who loves nothing more than creating new things and uplifting those around me.

Gelsey Torres

Software Engineer

United States, She/Her

Former front-end developer excited to step into a full-stack role. She has wanted to be a programmer since she was a teenager.

Mateus Pereira

Senior Software Engineer

Brazil, He/Him

Graduated in Physics only to discover that he loved more to work with computers and software development. Has been programming ever since.

Nathalie Baudrand

Senior Product Designer and Researcher

United States, She/Her

Solver of product problems and puzzles. Finder of new possibilities, advanced people watcher, and good listener. Likes knowing how things work.

Rishi Jain

Senior Software Engineer

India, He/Him

He likes to code and hence loves his job. He also likes to play and watch sports and travel as much as he can.

Barbara Blumenthal

Business Development Coordinator

United States, She/Her

Coordinator based in Los Angeles with experience coordinating in many different industries. She'll help you get your next project started.

Juan Vasquez

Senior Software Engineer

Mexico, He/Him

Ruby on Rails developer from Oaxaca. He loves solving problems with Ruby and JavaScript.

Aysan Isayo

Software Engineer

United States, She/Her

Full Stack software dev based in DC, loves to get lost in debugging and discover optimal solutions in code related projects. Harry Potter addict.

Henrique Medeiros

Software Engineer

Brazil, He/Him

Software engineer from Brazil. He loves tech, is curious, and enjoys a good challenge. He also likes outdoor sports and traveling.

Sara Hyman

Senior Project Manager

Argentina, She/Her

A project manager based in Argentina, but who grew up in the USA. She is passionate about solving communication and logistical puzzles as well as leveraging agile frameworks.

Traci Duffield

Remote Office Administrator

United States, She/Her

Works her magic providing support and developing solutions for internal team mechanics. She loves to be creative as an artist and maker in her spare time.