Articles about Hotwire

Building with Hotwire

Previously, I outlined the new hotness that is Hotwire. New features are nice, but what can you build with it? Let’s build a little project, and let’s make it something different from the usual Twitter clone that’s being used to demonstrate this new feature. Instead, I’ll show how to build a basic scrolling price ticker like you’d see on any stock site that updates in real time. We’ll learn a few interesting things along the way.

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Introducing Hotwire

One of the most visible and controversial new developments with the release of Rails 6.0 is Hotwire. Like anything in web development, the growing popularity of single page applications using JS frameworks has sparked some resistance. Arguably, the duplication of logic that single page applications often require violates the DRY principle. There are also many developers who would like the responsiveness of single page applications without all of the client side JavaScript and it’s associated headaches. There are a considerable number of developers who’d like the pendulum to swing back towards the server, but maybe keep some of the more desirable aspects of the SPA pattern. Hotwire is a fresh take on how to do this the Rails way.

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