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Managing Heroku's Review Apps from the GitHub's Pull Request

At OmbuLabs, we have some projects where multiple teams work at the same time on different features or fixes. We started using Heroku's Review Apps because we kept running into blockers when a team needed to deploy a branch to our staging server but another team was using it.

There are two configurations in Heroku to create Review Apps: manual and automatic. A manual creation gives us more control, but not every person involved in the QA process has access to the Heroku pipeline. So, for many months, we used the automatic Review App creation every time a PR was created/updated. This was an easy workaround, but there's one problem, the Review Apps for Heroku Teams can't use free dynos, so we were being charged for Review Apps that were created before they were actually needed or even for PRs that didn't really need a Review App at all.

We started looking for an easy way to control the creation and deletion of Review Apps that can be triggered by anyone directly from the GitHub PR and here are the details and how we do this now.

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