Introducing Pecas: Dashboards for Freckle

At Ombu Labs we are big fans and happy customers of Freckle. We use their widget to track all the hours that we spend on client projects, open source development, and our own products.

Today I'm happy to introduce Pecas, time tracking leaderboards for Freckle! Pecas is an open source tool that integrates with your account and generates beautiful leaderboards per project and per teammate.

Here is a sample dashboard for all your projects:

A sample leaderboard in the Pecas web interface

On top of that, it will send you an email alert if you haven't tracked any hours during a work day. If it's a holiday, it won't bother you. :)

I like to check it out every week to see if we are on track for our time and material projects. We need to work 40 hours per week for some of our clients and it's a good way to detect deviations.

To build this small application we decided to use Rails 4.2 and the Freckle API v2. You can easily set it up using Heroku and your Freckle API key:

If you like Freckle as much as we do, feel free to fork Pecas in Github: