Announcing The Ombu Labs Shop!

We recently worked on a series of Christmas presents for the team. We are happy to share part of the process and its final result!

Our process: it all started with an idea

As it happens with every product, it starts with an idea. We wanted to make a t-shirt, a notebook and a tote bag that could reflect our passion for work and design.

For the notebook, we chose a quote by Otl Aicher: “Good Art Inspires, Good Design Motivates”. Here you can see part of the design process, with some tweaks and final adjustments.

Notebook Design Process

For our t-shirt we chose a very well known quote that inspires us day by day at work: Done is Better than Perfect. In this case, we started with some paper sketches and then its design:

T-Shirt Design Process Done is Better than Perfect

Our Products

After all this creative process, these are the results:

Ombu Labs Notebook

Ombu Labs t-shirt

And last, but not least, our tote bag, its design was inspired by our day-to-day work and methodology. We made some illustrations and then created a final composition.

Working at OmbuLabs

Ombu Labs Tote Bag

Ombu Labs Shop

We are very proud and happy to share this with you. We believe this process can be applied to any kind of project. Now, these products are available for sale in our online store!

Ombu Labs Shop

We also invite you to visit and follow our Dribbble account where we’ll be sharing new shots!