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How to Nail a Cultural Fit Interview - Especially for OmbuLabs

At OmbuLabs the first step in the interview process for any of our open positions is the cultural fit interview. This interview will tell us a few things about the candidates. It should let us know if they have the kind of experience that would match well with the open job, it also shows us if the candidate would settle in well with the values of the team, and it tells us if we think we should offer a second interview.

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How To Apply To OmbuLabs

This is our process to hire new full-time developers at OmbuLabs. It’s a process that we have been improving ever since we started our operations. It’s very important for us to hire “A” players.

In this article we will focus on how we evaluate new developers, but parts of the process can be customized for other positions as well.

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