Snap Minis: How we can help you bring your app into Snapchat

Last month, Snap opens a new window announced a new product during the Snap Partner Summit 2020 opens a new window , Snap Minis opens a new window . Minis are bite-sized third-party experiences that live inside of Snapchat opens a new window and can be accessed through Snapchat’s Chat interface. They’re built on the same principles and technology as Snap Games and are easy to develop, allowing you to build an experience that is available to Snapchat users worldwide.

OmbuLabs recently developed a Snap Mini for one of our clients. In this article, I’ll share the main advantages of launching a Snap Mini and how we can help you get started:

Easy to Develop

Snap Minis are built on HTML5 and take advantage of the existing Snapchat app, which means they work cross-platform and are readily available to all Snapchat users on Android and iOS, reducing the scope of the project. You do not need to develop two separate applications to cater to different users.

Easy to Use

Snapchat users can launch a Snap Mini from within a conversation they’re having with their friends through the Chat interface. They can quickly collaborate or play with their friends, without having to install a separate app or switch between applications or websites to use your service.

Easy to Share with Friends

A Mini can interact with both the Chat and Camera interfaces of the Snapchat application. This makes it easy for your users to share that they’ve used your mini with their friends.

Their friends can then tap the Chat card or Camera sticker and be taken to your Mini. All this without leaving Snapchat.

What Can I do with Minis?

Minis can integrate with Snapchat features and perform a variety of actions.

Keeping in mind that a Mini is a bite-sized application, you can define an actionable use case within your product and turn it into a Mini. Some examples shared by Snap during the Snap Partner Summit 2020 include: deciding what movie to watch, buying movie tickets, registering to vote and deciding what activities you want to participate in with friends on Snapchat. If you have a specific action that can be performed by your audience, you can turn it into a Mini.

Another advantage is adding a social aspect to the experience. These Mini applications live inside the Chat interface and allow friends to browse and use them together. You can take advantage of the communication that’s already happening on Snapchat and bring that into your service.

A pretty awesome feature of Minis is you can see which friends are online and using that same Mini with you in real time.

If you have an actionable use case that includes a strong social aspect, Minis are perfect for you.

Check out this video to learn more about Minis and the experiences of some of Snap’s early partners:

How We Can Help

We recently developed a Snap Mini called “Let’s Do It” using Vue.js opens a new window and we will share our experience in another article soon.

Whether you have an idea you’d like to turn into a Mini, a design ready to go that just needs to be built or are curious to see how a Mini could benefit your company and fit into your current product, we can help.

Do you think a Mini is the next step for you? Let us know! opens a new window

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