Today we are happy to announce the launch of our first productized service: - Speedy Ruby on Rails Upgrades by OmbuLabs.

We are quite familiar with this sort of projects and decided to package it under its own domain. We have been doing Ruby on Rails upgrades since 2009, for our own products and client projects, and we are looking forward to shipping more of them.

If you have been using Rails for a while, you know that big version jumps are hard. If you have a big Rails monolith with 100+ dependencies, you know that upgrading Rails is not a trivial project.

You know you need to keep your Rails app up to date, but it's usually not a priority. So you postpone upgrading until your version of Rails is no longer supported. Then you upgrade.

More often than not, you start a Rails upgrade branch, start bumping versions, find problems, troubleshoot them, and eventually get sidetracked by your business. Then you switch to another branch and the Rails upgrade branch grows stale.

Even the best teams have this problem! (e.g. Github)

That's why we decided to create If you don't have the time, but you have the budget to do the Rails Upgrade, you can just contact us and we can help.