Rails Girls: Growing as a Community

In a previous article opens a new window we talked about one of the Rails Girls opens a new window events that we sponsored and co-organized in 2018. Fast forward one year to our first event of 2019 at A3 opens a new window , a new coworking space located in Buenos Aires, we were once again sponsors and volunteers at another successful Rails Girls event.

Our goal this year was to go further and try to reach around 50 participants (almost double that of previous years). Fortunately we had a good number of volunteer coaches that were willing to help us make that possible.

Some of the coaches were women who had participated in a previous event and came back to take on the role of coach. They aimed to share the knowledge that they had acquired over the last couple of months. We find that really motivating during these events.

The event turned out great and there was a lot of positive feedback from the participants. For most of them this was their first experience with coding. Some of them were fascinated on playing with the UI (User Interface) of the app that we built. Others loved the process of modeling the data that was later used in the backend side of the app. There was definitely a lot of learning during the 2-day workshop.

A few days after the event we regrouped with some of the coaches to talk about feedback and things we can improve for future events. In appreciation for participating we gave each coach an Amazon gift card and also a Rails Girls opens a new window t-shirt.

We have lots of plans to make this community grow so that we can impact the lives of more people each event. Looking forward to being a part of the next edition!